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Refer a Friend


At Vue we’re always on the lookout for talented people, just like you, to join us. That’s why we have introduced the Refer a Friend (RAF) scheme. The RAF scheme allows you to refer friends, family members or ex-colleagues that you think would fit in well with our culture, for live vacancies. If their application is successful we will give you a referral bonus as our way of saying thank you!


It’s simple; all you need to do is view our list of current vacancies on the external careers website, if you see something that could be a good fit for someone you know, send them the details of the relevant vacancy and ask them to apply online as a referral.

If you wish, you can discuss the requirements of the specific vacancy and the suitability of the person with the Recruitment Team. They can also provide you with a full Job Description to send to your referral prior to submission.

When the individual applies for the vacancy they should choose the source type as ‘Referred by a Friend or Family Member’ and then enter your full name, they will then be registered as your referral for that vacancy.


The level of referral bonus payment offered for any particular vacancy is outlined below:

Job Grade

Bonus Payment

Payment Qualifying Date

Cinema Manager/ General Manager


Three Months after start date

Chiswick Park Level Three/Four


Three Months after start date

Chiswick Park Level Two


Three Months after start date

Chiswick Park Level One and above


Three Months after start date

  • The referral bonus will be payable after the applicable payment qualifying date, providing both the candidate and referrer are still employed by Vue and not under notice of termination of employment (whether given or received) on the payment qualifying date.
  • The referral bonus payment will be made as part of the referrer’s regular monthly salary as soon as practically possible after the payment qualifying date. As we must stick to pre-agreed payroll cut-off dates, this bonus may not be paid in the same month as the payment qualifying date.
  • Applicable UK taxes and NI will be deducted from any bonus paid to the referrer.


  • Vue will only conduct interviews with referred candidates who meet our required needs, and will extend employment offers only to those candidates who, in our opinion, are the most qualified, regardless of how the candidate came to our attention.
  • A referral submitted via the Refer a Friend scheme, is valid only for the specific vacancy you referred them for unless a hiring manager then considers them for another vacancy as a result of your referral within 6 months of the submission date.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and you will be awarded a referral bonus for each valid, successful referral.
  • Referrals of the same candidate by multiple employees will result in a bonus payment only to the first referral correctly registered through the external careers page.
  • Should the candidate’s details be received within 6 months of the submission date via an alternative source (e.g. a recruitment agency), we will take that candidate as your referral.
  • Similarly, if a candidate is first introduced to Vue by an alternative source then they cannot be registered as a valid employee referral for 6 months.
  • The Recruitment Team will not communicate with you on the progress of your referrals application so you may want to stay in touch with them directly throughout the process.
  • If your referral is successful the Recruitment Team will inform you once an offer has been and formally accepted, the appointment has been communicated internally and your referral has given us permission to share this information. Your referral may choose to communicate their offer to you sooner at their discretion.
  • If your referral chooses to share the news of their appointment with you before it is announced internally, you are not to communicate this to any other Vue employee.
  • By referring an individual you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Employee Referral Policy.
  • Vue reserves the right to modify or withdraw this policy at any time.


  • Applications must be made via our external careers website
  • Your referral must register your referral by selecting the ‘Referred by a friend/family member’ and enter your full name in the application source (see ‘How Does it Work’ section above). Failure to provide the correct information may impact our ability to make any referral bonus payment. Vue will not accept claims for referral bonuses where this process is not followed.
  • To receive bonus the referral and referrer must be employed, and not under notice of termination (whether given or received) on the applicable payment qualifying date (see ‘Referral Bonus’ section above).
  • If you are considering referring someone from your previous employer, please be aware you may be under contractual obligations not to approach staff directly. If you suspect this, please consult your previous employment contract.
  • You cannot refer an existing employee of Vue, self-employed contractors / candidates working through a 3rd party supplier on a temporary basis, under this scheme.
  • Members of the HR Team are exempt from the scheme.
  • Referrals can only be made for vacancies open to external applicants. For avoidance of doubt, if a vacancy does not appear on the external careers page, it is not open to external referrals.
  • You cannot refer yourself under this scheme. If you wish to apply for a vacancy please follow the standard internal application process.
  • You cannot refer a candidate for a vacancy where you are the hiring manager, or where you have any involvement in the recruitment or interview and selection process.
  • A referral bonus will not be paid for a candidate who’s CV has already been introduced to Vue by another means within the previous 6 months. This therefore excludes candidates who have been interviewed by Vue at any time during the 6 months prior to the referral date.
  • Referrals cannot be made for any individual who has left Vue in the last year.

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